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Thermal Printing


UL Listed Label Sample

Thermal Transfer Printing and Direct Thermal Printing services are offered here at the WT Nickell Company. Do you have a small project requiring many variations of the same sized label or barcode? Thermal transfer printing may be the most economical solution to your label needs. Thermal printers print directly on pre die cut labels using a digital print head, a wax or resin ribbon and heat. Thermal transfer printing requires the use of a wax or resin printing ribbon where Direct Thermal printing does not require a ribbon. Direct Thermal printing requires a direct thermal label substrate or material. Direct thermal labels are activated by heat to print the image. You see many of these type labels in the meat departments at your local Grocery Store.

Thermal Transfer Printers themselves can be expensive. Ranging in price from $1500-$5000, Just for the printer itself. This does not include the media (labels and ribbons). Avoid the high cost of the printers and media and let us do the printing for you. Save time and money by calling us for your Custom Thermal Label Printing projects


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