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4 Color Process Labels


Sample of a 3" Die Cut Circle Label

Instantly add value to your products by using 4 Color Process Labels. By combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) you can achieve any color combination to produce what we call 4 Color Process Labels. Commonly referred to as CMYK. Each color is digitally separated to make a printing plate. We combine the plates on press to create photographic quality pressure sensitive labels. When color match is critical to your label or printing needs we combine Spot colors with 4 Color Process to achieve your critical color match for your brand. We have the capabilities to print up to 10 colors on a single press run. Call us today to see if Digital process pressure sensitive labels or Flexographic 4 color process pressure sensitive labels will work for your product.


Full Color Digital Labels


Sample of a Butt Cut Square Cornered Label

Digital labels are no longer the expensive alternative to 4 Color Process Label Printing with Flexographic Printing Plates. Digital Process pressure sensitive labels are an excellent alternative for short run full color process labels. We combine CMYK in digital format on our HP Indigo Press to produce Full Color Process Labels. Digital Printing produces full color photographic quality graphics with the ability to alternate graphics or labels on the same roll. Digital pressure sensitive labels can also be produced with a variable that can change from label to label, adding a personal touch to each printed product. Great for product expiration dates and numbering each product with a pressure sensitive label..


Custom Wine Bottle Labels


Sample of a Custom Shape Die Cut Label

Weather your a large corporation or a small local wine producer, we have the capabilities to get your bottle noticed. We use a large variety of pressure sensitive label stocks to create wine labels that convey elegance. By combining foils, textured papers, film stocks and UV coatings, we make wine labels that set you apart from your competition. Consider a special shape die as well to separate your fine spirits from the rest of the bottles on the shelf.


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Custom Printed Labels

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