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Pressure Sensitive Keg Collars


7 inch diameter sample with pressure sensitive die cut

Are you looking for a better way to organize your keg inventory? Want an easy way to identify your kegs? Use a custom printed keg collar to store and inventory your kegs. Perfect for Microbreweries and Beer Distributors. Each date collar is custom printed with a date ring that can easily be marked or punched out signaling when the beer in the keg was brewed or will expire.

Our pressure sensitive custom keg collars are 7" diameter, with a 2.64" diameter cut out in the center. The centers are removed and the keg collar has a crack and peel silicone liner backing where you can decide to expose adhesive partially (by removing small strip) or remove the entire backing liner for full adhesive coverage to stick to the tops of the kegs. We use an 8 pt. tag stock and laminate each collar with a 1 mil. clear glossy lamination that can be written on with pen or marker. This is the most common keg collar construction we sell.


Non Pressure Sensitive Keg Collars


7 inch diameter circle keg collar sample with spline die cut for non pressure sensitive stock

Non Pressure Sensitive Keg Collars are printed on either 8 pt tag stock with 1 mil clear glossy lamination or a 10 mil Synthetic Polylith and 1 mil clear glossy lamination. You must specify the stock you want us to use based on your conditions. Laminated 8 pt tag stock provides protection from some moisture, while the Synthetic Polylith tag stock is fully waterproof. The die cut is 7" diameter with a 2.375" center cut out with spline cuts to create fins to grab keg tap neck.

Give us a call or email with the quantities, preferred stock (construction), and amount of versions you need printed and we can send pricing information and samples if needed.

Need help with artwork? Not a problem, send us your company Logo and requirements and we can layout your custom printed keg collar.

You must contact TTB(Alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau) for label requirements. Here is a link to their Labeling and Formulation approval page: or you can reach a TTB label specialist at 1-866-927-2533.

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Custom Printed Labels

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