Custom Printed Labels collage

We have been printing Custom Printed Pressure Sensitive Die Cut labels in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1960. We stock thousands of dies in all shapes and sizes. If you need a custom digital label or a larger run of custom flexographic printed labels, let us show you what we can do.

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Barcoded Label collage

In todays digital world every product needs a pressure sensitive barcode. We print part identification barcodes, Inventory control labels, shipping and tracking labels, and many other types of barcodes including asset control tags and variable data labels.

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UL Approved Label collage

W.T. Nickell Company is an authorized Underwriters Laboratories label supplier. We stock pressure sensitive materials approved by UL and CSA and work with UL to help meet your needs for approved UL Marks and Materials.

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Industrial Warning  Labels collage

Pressure Sensitive Safety labels are critical in a manufacturing environment. We stock the materials and laminations to create long lasting, effective Industrial and Safety labels. We ship to manufacturers all over North America as a critical part of the supply chain.

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4 Color Process Labels collage

In todays competitive marketplace, Full Color Prime Color labels will set you apart from the competition. In a retail environment you need a pressure sensitive label that will draw your customers attention to your product over your competition.

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3D Doming Labels collage

Are you looking for a unique way to market your company or brand. With a domed sticker, or domed decal you can label your product with a brand that Pops out at your customer. Doming labels are durable and can be used for almost any application.

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Static Cling Labels collage

We stock both white and clear static cling vinyl. Static Cling labels stick to most smooth surfaces by static electricity. This eliminates the adhesive and any chance of leaving behind a sticky residue when labels are removed. Static Cling Labels are great for glass and point of purchase promotions.

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Outdoor Labels collage

We can produce pressure sensitive outdoor labels laminated for weather and sun resistance. Fade resistant ink pigments have been developed and in combination with UV protective laminations. We can produce an outdoor label that will last years in extreme outdoor environments.

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Self Laminating Labels collage

If your looking for a way to make your own security labels safely sealing your required information on your label to prevent tampering, self laminating labels are an economical solution. They can be produced using both paper and film label stocks.

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Custom Foil and Embossed Label Collage

Are you looking for a label with a bright or dull foil accent? When we combine pressure sensitive label foil substrates with bright and dull metallic foils, the result is a unique foil label guaranteed to grab your attention. Take it a step further with an embossing plate for added texture and appeal.

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Custom Blank Labels collage

Not all custom printed blank labels are created equal. There are litterally thousands of custom pressure sensitive materials and substrates avialable for labels. Rest assured we can get the materials for your custom blank labels, and we can also produce a die to get that special shape and or size for your specific custom label application.

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Cover Up Labels collage

Everyone makes mistakes, we are all human. When you need to cover up that mistake with a label, we can help. We stock a label substrate made specifically for this type of application. Black Back or Cover Up Labels use a standard white paper or film substrate with the backside printed black to ensure whatever is printed underneath the label will never show through.

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Welcome to the WT Nickell Label Company

Printing Pressure Sensitive Labels for over 50 Years in Cincinnati, Ohio

Your products say a lot about your company. So when you need a Custom Printed Pressure Sensitive Label for your products, it's nice to know a team with over 50 years of experience will make sure you will receive a label for your products you will feel good about.

At the WT Nickell Label Company, that means more than just the lowest priced labels. It involves uncommon dedication to understanding your business, the deadlines you face, and the difficult logistics of just in time delivery. We are committed to finding the best, most creative and resourceful solutions, so that our work reflects well on your products.

We are the convenient local label company with the skill and flexibility the big companies can not compete with. For over 50 years our business has been the area of your business, custom printed pressure sensitive labels. Our company was built to provide your company with the best source in the industry for custom printed products.

We invite you to sample the people, processes and personal investment that assure your product will look good with custom printed pressure sensitive labels, promotional printing and promotional products from the WT Nickell Label Company time after time.


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